Catch the Sixth Season


Teen Wolf is a highly successful TV series because it is now entering its sixth season. It stars Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, a teenage werewolf in the town of Beacon Hills. It was unfortunate how he was bitten by a werewolf but there is sadly no cure for that. Now, he must cope with the fact that he is one of them while trying to figure out his identity. He encounters several characters too and they help him shape up to become the person he is right now. The show received several high praises from critics so MTV decided to do another season and it will most likely start after the MTV Movie Awards since that is what happened with the first two seasons.

There is nothing wrong with that as they can also hype the show on the MTV Movie Awards as that would be a very wise move. Because of that, fans would know that they could once again see new episodes of Teen Wolf. The X Art deal show has a huge following from fans all over the world as they have been tweeting non-stop every time a new episode would air on MTV. You can’t blame them as the show tackles a lot of things including werewolf origins and romance with humans and werewolves. It is impossible to kill werewolves with guns as you can only kill them with a stake to the heart. They are fast and growling loud so you must not mess with them. It is amazing how Tyler was able to have a relationship with Allison Argent since she comes from the ddf network discount and a family of werewolf hunters. It is hard enough to be friends with them and it is even harder for them to have a relationship so you have to give props to those two for even trying to stand up for each other. It is not known how many love interests Tyler had since he is a handsome young fellow or else they would not have cast him as the lead guy. There are so many myths about werewolves that it would be hard to divulge all of them in one season so they ended up being spread into different seasons.


The TV series was based on the 1985 movie Teen Wolf which was not a massive hit but it did have some fans who praised it even after 20 years. It even had a lot of movies that copied its premise not that there is anything wrong with that but it just proves they had something going that time. When you watch the beginning of a TV series then the cliffhanger at the end of each episode will make you want to watch the next episode right away. That is exactly the case with the and Teen Wolf as you cannot stop watching each season until you notice how fast time flies. The actors are good at making people believe they are werewolves even though we all know they don’t exist. Most of the TV shows out there are based on a book but this one is not as the MTV crew did a good job of making something original in Teen Wolf.

They hired a good director too who called the shots correctly. They also chose a great location to shoot all the scenes as they would not have gotten a lot of fans if they had chosen a poor location. It would be hard to understand what is going on in the show when you try and watch it in the middle of the season. You must watch it from the very beginning so you will know what is going on. No matter how hard you try, it is just impossible to know what the characters and even are talking about and that does not only apply to Teen Wolf but all of the TV shows as well. There are going to be alliances formed and friendships will be destroyed throughout the season but that will be expected as it will be a long season full of twists and turns.

You never know what is going to happen next and that is the fun part. It will make you want to mark your calendar for the next episode.